Feeding a Toddler

Almost every day, I think to myself how lucky this baby is to have been breastfed…. otherwise she’d be either completely emaciated or dead. I’m only sort of joking.

I’ve struggled with food for most of my life. I had eating disorders in high school, and have always felt like it was me against food. It’s never been a healthy relationship, period. So now that I have responsibility to feed and nourish this little growing human, I sometimes find myself overwhelmed.

Nevermind the fact that she never wants to eat. Like, never. I cook up a meal for her and she just says “no,” shakes her head and walks away. Or, she puts it in her mouth and acts like she’s eating it, then spits it out on the rug 35 minutes later. She’s a doll. That’s really not the hard part though. It’s sticking to a schedule, planning meals and shopping, remembering that it’s mealtime, etc.

I am an extremely erratic eater, and I will binge out on junk, for example, and then forget that it’s time to make dinner for the baby. Then I’m left scrambling to find something to give her at 7pm when she’s too tired to eat. Or I simply don’t know what to feed her. I’ll shop and then half the food goes bad because I have nearly zero practice with cooking and meal planning.

So this week, I decided to break out MY meal planning journal, and just use it to plan HER meals instead. I found this awesome mommy blog with LOTS of ideas for toddler meals, and I chose a bunch of those for the week, did the shopping, and planned out the week. Tonight, she had veggie sausage, peas, broccoli, and a tiny bit of quesadilla. Mostly sausage and broccoli though. And then she ate some strawberries! I am always super stoked when I find something she likes.

Have any of you struggled with feeding your young toddlers? Or with feeding yourSELVES? What worked for you? Any new solutions would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying out a new recipe for her in a couple days. I’ll update you guys with photos and reviews (from me AND Mia) just as soon as I get it going.

  • Our struggle has always been finding a meal that everybody would eat. There are five of us – two vegetarians, and a coeliac among us. Miss 16 will try anything, Miss 12 is pretty good, but Miss 13 is a nightmare with anything good for her – always has been – pushing food around the plate, hiding it under her knife and fork… every strategy you can imagine.

    • jessclopton

      I’m reading a book that has the philosophy of “eat it or starve” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but that hasn’t been the case yet….it’s been more like “eat it or just take the boob 24/7/365”