Leg Day Motherf**kers!

Instead of a run, I did a leg day today. Although I quit coaching, this is a beachbody workout, from the 21 Day Fix Extreme. The leg and booty workouts from that program are insanely effective. I then did a couple core strengthening exercises, and ended with some stretches (not shown).

There are 12 exercises here, plus 2 core exercises. Do each one for 30 seconds with 15 seconds off in between. I used 5 lb weights. Don’t overdo it. You want to be able to walk tomorrow. Notice that I put the weights down for the jumping exercises.

Here they are, numbered for your convenience.

  1. Squats
  2. Jumping Squats
  3. Weighted Lunges
  4. Lunge High Kicks
  5. One Leg Squats
  6. Jumping One Leg Squats
  7. Side Lunges
  8. Side Lunge Kicks
  9. Plié Squats
  10. Plié Jumps
  11. Backward Lunge
  12. Plyo Lunge
  13. Core Exercises
  14. Plank Steps
  15. Dolphin Planks

(This post is from yesterday. I never uploaded because we were evacuated due to wildfire on the ridge behind our house. OMG, right? Well, fire is still going but it seems to be under control today.)