Super Busy Mama!

I have not forgotten you, dear readers. I started a brand new, grown up 8–5 job last Monday. I have been trying to squeeze in workouts and study for the NASM personal trainer certification whenever I can.

I ran twice this week, did plyometrics one day, cardio another, and yoga nearly every day. If I don’t get my body moving and my heart pumping, I just don’t feel well. I’m hoping to run daily this week, as I settle into my new schedule, and I’m doing a big wildflower hike near Silverton, Colorado on Saturday. I can’t wait. Stay tuned for amazing photos next weekend!


  • Keesha Medina

    Great job, mama! Totally feel you! I’m doing the same, trying to Mom, work 30 hrs a week, study for the CSET, save $ to get our own place, get in shape, definitely overwhelmed.

    • Well you’re doing an awesome job. You look great. Amazing progress.

  • Great to see things moving forwards for you πŸ™‚