The Truth About Shakeology

I’ve been a pretty die hard fan of chocolate vegan Shakeology since I tasted my first delicious mouthful of brownie batter flavored yumminess in September 2016.

Sure, it costs $129/month for non-members and $103 for coaches, but it’s worth it right? You get what you pay for! It replaces your prenatal vitamin AND your probiotics! I had my first serious doubts when I needed to re-order my prenatals and I remembered my coach telling me that Shakeology replaced them. So I read the label. I was drinking Chocolate Vegan so I cannot vouch for the nutritional content of other flavors, but here is what I found on the bag of my $3.57/serving Shakeology:

Sure, it’s great for what it is—a super tasty smoothie booster high in iron, fiber and protein. This shake will give you the most satisfying poops in the world. But that’s where it ends. It has virtually no vitamins to speak of. Only 4% of the daily calcium needs of a regular woman, nevermind a pregnant or lactating woman. This could in NO WAY replace prenatal vitamins. And at $4.30/serving for regular customers, shouldn’t there be a literal f**kton of nutrients in there?

I’ll tell you the never-discussed truth about the price: you are paying for your “free” coach through Shakeology. As a former Beachbody coach, the money mostly comes from Shakeology subscriptions, not the Beachbody on Demand membership. No matter how big your “downline” is (because it’s a multilevel marketing company), your money is still coming from Shakeology.

(I am not trying to badmouth Beachbody coaches. I had an amazing upline. My coach was great and she taught me a lot of valuable things. I learned a lot from my 10 months as a Beachbody coach, but the bottom line is that it’s not for me. This, however, could be a whole separate post. I just want to be clear that I’m simply comparing costs and benefits of a few different high quality supplement shakes, and the fact of the matter IS that the cost of Shakeology isn’t because of all the “superfoods” in there (the cheaper brands have almost identical ingredients)—it’s because you’re paying your coach to run your challenge groups and spend 90% of their lives on social media marketing themselves.)

So, for comparison, I went out and bought a couple other types of shakes for the taste test, and I then searched these brands to figure out their prices on Amazon and broke it down to price per serving. I tried Amazing Grass Protein Superfood, Garden of Light Raw Organic Meal, and Vega One All In One. All chocolate flavor. I scrapped the Amazing Grass from the comparison because it has almost no nutritional value outside of being a protein supplement. I then tried the same ingredients I use with my Chocolate Vegan Shakeology—a healthy couple handfuls of spinach, almond milk, banana, and frozen strawberries. The Garden of Light honestly didn’t cover the flavor (or the color) of the spinach at all. Sure, this isn’t a big problem, but the thing with Shakeology is you get your chocolate fix. While green smoothies can also be delicious, for a sugar addict like me, it’s not gonna give me a chocolate fix. This one also had the texture of sawdust. Grainy, rough sawdust. I also tried the vanilla and it didn’t taste much different. The only “flavor” I could recognize was the Stevia. Yuck.

On top of the shi**y taste/texture, this one also has almost no calcium, which as a lactating female, is kinda important to me. So I scrapped this one from the comparison as well.

The only one left was Vega One. At this point, I figured I would just stick with Shakeology. At least it’s INCREDIBLY delicious (because it really is). Then I mixed up the Vega One with the spinach and the other ingredients I just mentioned, and I could already tell by the color that it was going to be better than the Garden of Light sawdust.

And it was. Smooth and creamy chocolate. A little more Stevia flavor than I like, but sugar isn’t exactly healthy anyway. All the vitamins in this shake make it worth it. It has around the same amount of protein, iron, and fiber as Shakeology….but then it has a buttload of other stuff as well. It could almost….. replace a prenatal!

And at $2.27/serving, I’m willing to take something that tastes a little less like brownie batter and has a ton MORE nutrients than Shakeology (which was costing me about $1.20 more per serving. F that.

So there you have it. My honest, and freshly unbiased opinion on Shakeology (I officially canceled my coach account today).

Why even drink a supplement shake, you may be wondering? Well, it provides a nutritional boost and fills in the gaps in my daily diet, which isn’t always perfect (far from it). It’s also a healthy, organic way to disguise things like probiotic (or other) pills for my toddler. And sometimes it’s the only way I can get a serving of something besides pasta or mac n cheese into her mouth!

I just want to reiterate however—I met some amazing ladies in the Beachbody community, and there IS unlimited earning potential with the company. I learned a lot about personal development, read some great books, did some awesome workouts, and plan to continue my Beachbody on Demand membership because I LIKE it, and because it’s a great deal at $99/year. But the Beachbody coach thing isn’t for me, and neither is Shakeology. I hope someone found value in this post, and I hope I have not hurt any feelings in the process of posting it. Comment below or send me a message if you want to know more about any of this.

  • Joanna

    One of my favorite bloggers, minimalist baker did a protein shake view. I wanted to try the bobsmill brand. Heard it was good. Happy to see you doing your own thing. Keep it going mama!